5 Things you never knew about Mike Tyson

5 Things you never knew about Mike Tyson

So much has been written about this very talented former Champion, who created so much excitement, and momentum as a young fighter. That I had to do an article on him.

What happens when you combine startdum, the world championship and massive amounts of money all in one time. You get what happened to Mike Tyson. Here is a top five list you might not have seen or heard.

  1. Cus D’ amato used hypnosis on Mike, to help build his confidence in the ring.
  2. He owned his very own tiger. (See the picture above of Tyson with his pet)
  3. He once gave a luxury car to a police officer to get out of an accident. The car was eventually returned. But the officer who took the gift, was later fired! Mike was married to Robyn Givens at the time.
  4. He was addicted to just about every drug. While in prison he was assigned a drug counciler, (See above) but it didn’t seem to do him much good.
  5. Prison for Tyson was prison, but it wasn’t just like everyone else’s experience. He mostly slepts all day, except when he would go see his drug counciler, whom he was having a relationship with in Prison.












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