Business Laws #1-Go big when you are small

This idea is perfect for a business that is mid size and doesn’t have a lot of capital to move. When I was selling textiles, full time, I looked for ways to appear larger than I was. And one way of doing that was to always talk about success. To go big, even though I was small.

Once sales started rolling in, everytime a customer mentioned an item I had sold. I talked about it’s success. It’s a simple technique, but it works. If they mentioned sheets, I would say we’ve had great success with this sheet over at the Excelsior. The hotel I mentioned or business was always one notch above where the hotel was I was selling to. As people want to be associated with brands and ideas bigger than themselves. Needless to say, the product would fly off of the shelves. Now it wasn’t over night, but in time it happened.

The idea of looking bigger isn’t a new one. Or selling air rather, as there isn’t any actual real property tied to it. I’ve always heard stories where, someone rented an office, and started showing clients around town. The office was $300 per month, and maybe $1200 in meals. The salesperson made money, by selling memberships to exclusive country clubs in town. He plotted his journey, getting one client after another to have dinner, and then he talked about the benefits of the country club. This guy drove a mercedes, not because he made a lot of money. But because it fit the bill. Success has a look, and it’s called looking big before you are! See you next time. Lee


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