How to use Virtual Assistants, Arbitrage, and International currency

Virtual assistants, International Currency arbitrage and more!

What I love about the internet, and business in General is there is a lot of things to get into. And even more ways to diversify those things. In todays article for DIGITAL MARKETING, I want to touch on a few things that will lead to future articles. For more info on what we do and how much fun we have doing it check outĀ LeeFranksmarketing.comĀ

Arbitrage has always been a huge weapon in business. As long as your getting it low and selling it for a nice profit (high) you will stay in business and stay profitable.Competitive advantage is a way of looking at the Market Place and finding a way to get products cheaper than the competition. And then offering additional service beyond your competition to create an environment where customers keep coming back. That begins to create a moat which is a great platform to build a business on, that is insulated from the competition.

Virtual assistants is something I picked up on today. (07/08/2016) by using a virtual assistant you can get more of the begrudgingly stuff done and get it done quicker. It’s like hiring an employee for a third of the price. And this is where Currency arbitradge comes in. Look for markets where the market is strong and begin researching the price of a good virtual assistant. India is a good example of a vast emerging market where combining your business with a partner is very viable. I noticed some sellers on ebay who have many items to sell, but continue to be single proprietors using VA’s to great effect. They aren’t big enough or profitable to hire a second employee so they use a VA to get some of the drugery done.Thanks again for reading my articles and contact us at

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