New Year, New body 2019-52 weeks of posts to lose weight!

New Year,New Body 2019-52 weeks of posts to lose 25lbs

This is my year to lose some weight. Right now I am at 238 lbs, soaking wet. So my goal is to get rid of some pounds. My wife and I were Vegan for the last eight weeks. Which helped me to feel better, but not necessarily cut weight. At the begin I was actually¬† 230. But with Christmas and other stuff, you see where that takes you. But we did manage to cut the meat and some of the other stuff. So every week right here, I will be sharing things I’ve found to help you cut the weight as well and what that journey will look like.

Tip#1-A Raisin- I know what your saying what does a raisin have to do with anything? Well a lot. This year, when the cravings come, eighter for sugar or anything else,pop a raising in your mouth, and roll with it. A raising is great to help divert those cravings, for all those tasty treats. Salty, sweet or otherwise anything that’s not working. Check back next week, to see if I’ve gained or lost weight. thanks Lee

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