The Paleo Warrior Blog #1-What to cut, and Why?-losing four pounds

To be or not to be? That is the question of the Paleo Warrior.

What to cut? Seems to be the questions most people ask, and I say

Dairy,Wheat,Bread, complex carbs, sugar, and processing.

What not to cut? Organic meat,some fruits, veggies and so much more. Butter even becomes less refined. But after about two weeks, of nose draining, and body evacuation, the weight starts to come off. I’ve lost four pounds so far, and was very surprised. So it’s worth the work. Work on these things, and learning to meal plan and you will be well on your way!

Every Sunday night, my wife and I pre plan all of our meals. When your setting goals, meal planning helps offset temptation. And with all of the adds, media, and social media out there, this is a great strategy. We take two mason jars a day and put the main course in them. And then add our sides. Sides can be a bannan, a salad, with low sugar dressing, asparages, a veggie or something like that. For breakfast we sometimes do an egg fritata or hard boiled eggs, with tobasco sauce. All kinds of stuff. Keep up the hard work!

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