Why I bought a Samurai sword and you should Too!

When I was a wee lad, I love martial arts movies. The music of the start of Kungfu theater, brought chills up my spine. Martial arts, brought a structure, of life I just couldn’t get at home or in life for that matter. So every Saturday and Sunday I was glued to the TV. Watching the matinee Kungfu theater show!

Ninjas Vs Samurais, Shaolin Monks vs Yang Dynasty, or Kungfu vs Karate. Every system, had to have an opposition. And that’s where the samurai sword comes in. In all it’s incarnations, it was a sword of justice. From the Katana (Japanese long sword) to the Daito (Short sword). This sword, was the common denominator between all of these systems. If you style of martial arts opposed mine, you got the sword. If your dynasty opposed my dynasty you got the sword. If you needed to prove your Japanese style, was better than that Chinese style, you gave them the sword.

So last week, as I was rummaging through thrift stores, as I often do, I found this crazy Katana in the back. The hilt was a bit shaky, but the sword was solid. It was hand carved, with the coolest carvings, I’d seen in a while. So I purchased the sword to bring back some nostalgia at the old Ponderosa. Little Joe and Hoss would be proud of this sword.

Katana Daito and Shoto Samurai swords.

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